Linda Fredericks screening & discussion evening

Special screening and community discussion evening for Sway residents about Linda Fredericks and her life’s work as an artist, teacher and arts producer.

Linda Fredericks - 'Searching' 2013 - 17

Linda Fredericks – ‘Searching’ 2013 – 17


Linda Fredericks screening and discussion

Making an Exhibition of Myself is a powerful story of one individual’s lifelong commitment to the practice and facilitation of the arts, showing how a window to an international world of ideas and practice could be created in a small New Forest village.

The exhibition opens at ArtSway on Sunday 4 June until Wednesday 14 June 2017.

There will be an evening screening and community discussion on Election Night, 8 June, which will show a video of villagers speaking in 1996 to Julie Myers, the first Artist in Residence at ArtSway, and first shown in the gallery’s opening exhibition in January 1997.

Entitled Butcher, Baker, Candlestick-maker, the video records the testimony of villagers’ lives in Sway in 1996.  These include, amongst others, Dave the Butcher, the late Jack Parker the Baker, Gwen Meaden the then Chair of the Parish Council, the late Molly Mould, activist for the Sway Parish Carnival, and Gordon Jamison, the last Sway Policeman.  This formed the framework for a Sway website in the earliest days of such things.

The event begins at 7.00pm and will last till 9.00pm