24 – 30 July: Along the Riverrun

Artist/Curators Alex Goulden and George Watson bring together theory and practice in a multidisciplinary exhibition of video installation, sculpture and print.

Alex Goulden


Along the Riverrun

“Along the Riverrun” is the second in the programme of exhibitions – “Here Time Becomes Space”. Translated and paraphrased from a line of Wagner’s “Parsifal” the title combines the two most-crucial, interwoven themes: time and space.

A focus on looping is refined in the programme’s second act; introducing as well as interrogating the cyclical narrative. The exhibition positions contemporary technological iterations of looping addressed within the process of production, made apparent through sequential imagery within a digital loop. Along the Riverrun – the concatenated first and last lines of James Joyce’s novel Finnegan’s Wake exemplifies the recurrence of events throughout time.

Within the programme’s own, esoteric logic, the loop is the spatial distortion of duration, a mediation of motion, time denied its natural progression. Once accepted, this unreels an often-delicate, always-pertinent daisy-chain with the artists intervention, a Möbius twisting of reality.

Exhibition opening hours

Monday 25th to Sunday 29th July 2017

Open daily 11 – 6pm