Kieren Reed’s social sculpture

Kieren Reed’s Social Sculpture is coming soon to the gallery.

Kieren Reed social sculpture

Kieren Reed, social sculpture





Kieren Reed’s Social Sculpture

Social Sculpture is a small tin roofed, timber clad building designed to comfortably accommodate one person. It comes with a single bed, one change of linen, a duvet and towels. There is running cold water to a large butler sink, which can be used for washing or food preparation.

There is no electricity to the cabin. Solar powered and rechargeable lanterns are provided, as is a wind up torch, a battery operated Roberts LW/MW radio, and the more modern trappings of a bluetooth speaker set. Power for charging, general use, tools and the like can be found in the Stables. In the cabin there are basic cooking facilities; a gas camping stove (for use outside), and a fire pit with a grill stand. More extensive cooking facilities, along with a heated shower can be found in the Stables Studio.

Call for Residents: Over the summer of 2015 Kieren Reed’ s ‘Social Sculpture’ will be installed in the garden at ArtSway. Artists, architects, thinkers & writers are invited to spend between a week and 10 days using this space in any way that is useful to their current practice.

Residents should be committed to contributing to a dynamic and diverse residency program grounded by the idea of collaboration through the act of using Kieren Reed’ s Social Sculpture and the location of the residency in the garden of ArtSway, where there will be a lively program of events over the summer. Residents may choose to contribute to this program e.g screening a film, organizing a walk etc.

Located in the grounds of ArtSway residents will stay in Social Sculpture, a small building designed to accommodate one person. It is equipped with a single bed, duvet, blanket, linen and towels. There is no power. The adjacent artist studio houses cooking and shower facilities that will be available to residents. For the less hardy or for collaborators there is also the option to use this space as a studio and stay in alternative local accommodation.

All residents will be asked to contribute an ‘evening session’, an informal evening talk in the garden at ArtSway. The residency programme will conclude in October with a party and exhibition at ArtSway gallery where residents will be invited to show a trace of their time. There will also be a symposium on the studio and studio practice.

Details: There is no fee for artists or costs for travel/ production. Accommodation is in the Cabin or alternative accommodation locally.

There is an understanding that this is an opportunity run by artists for artists with no financial support from funding bodies or institutions.

To Participate: If you would like to be part of the Social Sculpture residency programme please write a few paragraphs about your practice and send URL weblinks to CC Kieren Reed

Deadline: 21st May 2015

Social Sculpture is an artwork by Kieren Reed and produced in collaboration with Jennie Savage with grateful thanks to the trustees of ArtSway and Arts University Bournemouth for use of facilities.