1- 6 Aug: Plain to Sea

Plain to Sea is an exhibition of landscapes, and seascapes gathered from Salisbury Plain to the Solent  exhibiting at the gallery from the 1 to the 6 August 2017.

At Avon Causeway: (PiB) Paul Bennell

At Avon Causeway: (PiB) Paul Bennell

Widdington Rob Hames

Widdington: Rob Hames

Plain to Sea

Wiltshire artist Rob Hames, and Dorset based Pib (Paul Bennell) have shown together on numerous occasions at the Mall Galleries, London.

Rob is a prolific plein air painter, and drawer upon Salisbury Plain, who also embraces the Solent and Isle of Wight within this show. Previous shows include SKETCH at Rabley Contemporary Drawing Centre, and he is also artist in residence at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Old Sarum.   

Pib has a loose impressionistic style; his impasto oils capturing fleeting moments of light, and atmosphere, worked up soon after the event from quick observations made on the spot.   

Both artists hold Associate status with the Guild of Aviation Artists, of which Rob is their West Region co-ordinator. Here, however, they focus their love of land, sea, and air in a broader sense entirely.

Exhibition opening hours

10am – 6pm